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Resume fees are structured according to the complexity of the project, level of experience and responsibility level of the client, and potential challenges in the job market.

We offer a free (online or telephone) consultation and assessment of your resume as intended for your current career direction. This allows us to personally assess your individual situation and determine your job search focus and needs. E-mail your resume or request to

Investment Options / Professional Fees
The fees for services vary from client needs and based on complexity of the project, potential challenges, positions held, levels of responsibility, current career objective, and other extenuating factors. Clients are provided with a written estimate focused on the initial inquiry discussion or complimentary review of their resume. Resume fees include all consultation for information, writing development, design and formatting, collaboration and modifications until a final version is agreed upon by the client. Resume fees start from $1500 and packages (which include varying services) will be quoted, depending on the unique composition and inclusions.

Because there can be a significant range of need assessments based on each individualís unique situation, we will happily provide a customized, no-obligation review and quotation of your project so that you can make an informed decision. We will answer any questions and obtain an agreement before moving forward. Fees are typically handled via credit or debit card, but payment via personal check or money order is acceptable in advance of work being performed.

To get started, e-mail ( your current resume (if applicable). Also, search the Internet for a few postings that reflect your ‘dream job’ so I can understand your specific intentions. It will give me a better understanding of your current perception in the marketplace and serve as a springboard to landing interviews you desire.

If you are serious about securing a competitive advantage in this highly volatile job market. Let’s get started!

Services Offered

  • Elite Resume Writing
  • Executive Career Biography
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Cover Letters
  • Presentation Portfolios
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Behavioral Assessment Survey to identify specific transition skills
    and competencies Career Goal Identification: developing meaningful career options
  • Career Blueprinting: developing an action plan to accomplish career goals
  • Practical Networking Strategies
  • Online Job Search Information
  • Interview Coaching & Role Playing
  • Negotiating Salary & Compensation Packages
  • Targeted Resume Distribution

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